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Smart Integration of SOS feature in Telehealth App

Worldwide, multiple new trends are emerging in the healthcare industry. Investors are focusing on creating an advanced healthcare app that leverages all the top facilities and the latest trends to provide more care to patients. Although the Telehealth service itself is revolutionizing the healthcare industry, advanced technology needs advanced features. Let’s discuss the latest trends in SOS integration in healthcare apps to provide instant service for patients in need. Many people are unaware of this innovative feature, which can benefit both patients and doctors and save millions of lives worldwide.

If you look at the WHO World Health Organization stats, approximately 1.19 million people die due to vehicle crashes on roads. Surprisingly, all the people who die from traffic injuries are aged 5 to 29 years. With advanced healthcare technology, it should not be happening, but due to negligence and unawareness of the healthcare facilities and services, people cannot reach the proper destination to get treatment on time.

Therefore, let’s talk about the intelligent SOS feature integration and healthcare app and how it can improve the fatal death ratio globally.

What is the SOS Feature?

The SOS button is an intelligent assistant feature in the Healthcare app that can fasten and ease the lives of patients in need. It’s like a small button through which a patient can call out doctors for help in a bad situation. With the help of an SOS button, a patient in need can access the nearby hospital and can also send an alert notification to the nearby ambulance. It will help them get immediate assistance and patients can reach the nearby hospital within time. 

As of now, multiple healthcare facilities understand the need for the SOS feature, but they are unsure about its correct usability. So, let’s discuss the need and other aspects of SOS features in healthcare applications.

Why do Healthcare apps need an SOS feature? 

Many investors question why they need an SOS feature and AI in telehealth apps and how it can benefit them for their business and patient engagement. If you look at the practical status of the SOS feature, this is more than a business model as it provides instant assistance and can save the lives of people in danger. In addition, if you look at the business perspective of investing in an SOS integration, it can help investors in multiple ways.

When patients find the SOS feature in any Healthcare app, they find it helpful in emergencies. Additionally, the particular healthcare app with the SOS button will represent your brand name and most probably redirect the patient to your hospital. 

As a result, people will understand that some organizations are dedicated to working for patients in need. Moreover, you can also bring a revolutionary change and save millions of lives that couldn’t find necessary timely assistance. Check out some basic business advantages of the SOS feature:

  • Connect more patients in need
  • Provide more Healthcare service
  • Generate more revenue
  • Brand visibility
  • Improve users trust
  • Increase patients dependency
  • Global Revolution as the Future of Telehealth

How Does this SOS feature work?

The SOS button or SOS feature in a healthcare app provides instant assistance to patients in an emergency. With the help of an SOS button, patients can send emergency notifications to the dedicated platform as well as share the live location of the patient. Now, with the help notification, the nearby ambulance can attend to the patient to provide emergency help and relocate them to nearby hospitals for treatment. 

  • It can be used in multiple situations, such as when someone has a life-threatening accident. Any person with the SOS-integrated app can also call for help for the victims. 
  • In other situations, when a patient finds themselves in a serious medical emergency and doesn’t have anyone to assist, they can also call for SOS emergency help.

Is it worth investing in an SOS feature?

Many telehealth services follow the latest trends in the healthcare industry by integrating advanced features like AI, cloud storage, IoT, AR/VR, blockchain, etc. However they don’t appreciate the necessity and importance of SOS features along with modern technologies. Although it can be a smart feature, investors and healthcare facilities do not understand how they can assist patients worldwide in severe situations.  

It’s always about taking one step ahead in the healthcare revolution by enhancing different ideas to reach patients and provide necessary service in an emergency. When a telemedicine app invests in the SOS integration, it will gain more patient insight and can bring revolutionary change to emergencies. Consider a situation when people are depending on telehealth apps for their daily routine checkups or other assistance. 

Despite possibly fatal accidents or road crashes, there can be a situation where a patient registered on your telehealth app gets in serious trouble and cannot schedule a meeting anymore. In this situation, they need instant medication and help, which they can find by alerting Healthcare firms with the SOS button.

How much does it cost to Integrate SOS features into the Telehealth app?

The cost of an SOS feature in integration may vary from app to app and platform to platform. Additionally, it also depends on the selection of a development company and their charges. On an estimate, a smart SOS integration with GPS location tracking and other alert facilities can be inserted for $5000 to $10,000. However, some low-end developed apps can integrate an SOS button for $1999.

What are the benefits of using SOS Integration in a Telehealth app? 

Let’s find out the different perspective advantages of integrating SOS features in any telehealth app

Patients Benefit

  • Faster Emergency Response: SOS button improved Telehealth Services for Patients by providing location data and automatic calls to emergency services can lead to quicker medical attention.
  • Improved Care: Medical profile sharing allows paramedics to tailor their response and avoid medication conflicts.
  • Enhanced Communication: Two-way communication allows for basic instructions and reassurance during an emergency.
  • Peace of Mind: Patients, especially those at high risk or living alone, feel more secure knowing help is a tap away.
  • Empowerment: The SOS feature gives patients control, allowing them to initiate help during a crisis.
  • Automatic Contact Notification: Emergency contacts are automatically notified of the user’s location and situation.
  • Post-Emergency Support: The app may offer additional resources or connect patients with telehealth doctors for follow-up care.

Doctors Benefit 

  • Faster Emergency Response: The SOS feature’s location data and medical information enable doctors to respond more swiftly and efficiently.
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness: Doctors can assess the situation remotely with valuable context provided by real-time audio/video transmission.
  • Improved Patient Safety: Notifying the emergency contact ensures that the patient receives extra assistance.
  • Potential Remote Guidance: While assistance is being dispatched, specific SOS capabilities may enable the provision of basic first-aid instructions or medical comfort.
  • Simplified Follow-up Care: Following an SOS incident, the app may prompt patients to make follow-up visits.
  • Information for Better Care: Resource allocation and preventative actions can be guided by anonymized SOS activation data.
  • Increased Patient Trust: A vital SOS function promotes confidence and motivates users to utilize the app more extensively.

Get smart SOS integration in your Telehealth app

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SOS emergency features can be a life-saving element in a Healthcare app. With advanced technology and the latest trends, telemedicine apps are also improvising on including an SOS integration in their app so that they can assist the patient in emergencies. So check out all the aspects and value a small button can add to a top healthcare app. Also, understand how it can grow your visibility and then accommodate patients in an emergency. The digitization of the healthcare industry is one major step after the COVID-19 pandemic to reach out to patients worldwide and provide the necessary care. Similarly, such innovative ideas and steps can lead to better health care and reduce unnecessary fatality rates. 


Q1 Can we integrate SOS features in Telehealth apps?

Yes, with the help of professional healthcare development, companies can easily integrate SOS buttons in telehealth clinic apps. 

Q2 I frequently get panic attacks, and sometimes it gets worse, so how would this SOS button help me?

The smart SOS button will share your current location with the hospital and assign a nearby ambulance for help. The professionals in the ambulance will provide the necessary medication; if the situation gets more complicated, they will drive the patient to the closest hospital.

Q3 Are there any privacy concerns with using an SOS feature?

Telehealth apps SOS prioritize user privacy. Location data and medical information are only shared with emergency services during SOS activation and anonymized for any data used for app improvement.

Q4 What happens if people misuse the SOS button or May press it by mistake?

In case of misuse or mistake, the software tracks the device’s activity. Additionally, it will track the location and the moment so that it can identify whether it is a legitimate emergency or not. As a result, the software itself identifies the situation and verifies the emergency as per the activity occurring on the device. 

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