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Centralized Management for Multiple Locations

Efficiently oversee and coordinate multiple clinic locations through a single centralized platform. Manage appointments, bills, payments, and patient data with ease.

Provider Management
Patient Management
Payment Management
Telehealth Clinics
Telehealth Clinics

HIPAA Compliant Data Hub

Access Clinical Insights in Real-Time!

Medical Consult


Lab tests




HIPAA Compliant

Bringing Quality Personal Care to Virtual Appointments

  • Video Calls

    Video Calls

  • Patient Health History

    Patient Health History

  • Patient Reports

    Patient Reports

  • Provider Notes

    Provider Notes

  • E-Prescriptions


Why Clinics Prefer


Connect Anywhere, Care Everywhere

Expand your horizons with virtual appointments, connecting you and your patients seamlessly across distances.

Manage Your Clinic Digitally

Access a tailored suite of cutting-edge tools designed for providers like you, elevating your practice to new heights.

See More Patients

Boost patient numbers with Telehealth, an impactful business solution that enhances your healthcare reach and presence.

Outsmart Competition

Get one step ahead of the other healthcare providers. Lead the way in innovation and establish a strong online presence.

Why Choose


Telehealth Clinics?

Flexible Scheduling Flexible Scheduling

Book video/audio calls and health checkups to suit your schedule.

Remote Consultations Remote Consultations

Instantly connect patients with experts across primary and specialty care.

Fewer Admissions To The Hospitals Fewer Admissions To The Hospitals

Streamline and optimize processes with our comprehensive telehealth tools.

Automate Care Automate Care

Effortlessly manage billing, health records, and patient information.

Active Engagement Active Engagement

Enhance patient participation, collaborate better, and ensure consistent care.

Optimized Operations Optimized Operations

Maximize efficiency by reducing staff needs through our all-inclusive Telehealth services.

Telehealth Clinics

i-medicus Telehealth Clinics

Empowering Providers, Enhancing Clinics

Enhance your clinic’s operations and patient care with our cutting-edge telehealth services. Streamline clinic management and seamlessly integrate virtual care into your practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the


telemedicine solution for clinics requires a subscription. We pride ourselves on transparent policies and zero hidden charges.

You have the freedom to add unlimited clinics. Each clinic will have its dedicated dashboard, enabling you to manage appointments, providers, payments, and more.


It takes just a few clicks. Access our video for a comprehensive demo to see


telehealth clinic in action.

Absolutely! Our solution is all-encompassing, catering to providers, clinics, hospitals, health systems, and professional organizations.

Certainly! After registration, contact us to personalize your images and content. Showcase your telehealth clinics with your name and logo.