The most affordable telehealthcare solution



Our providers are certified MD’s and APRN’s

Affordable Telemedicine Solution

  • i-medicus telemedicine platform use is completely free for patients.
  • Choose your healthcare provider.
  • Schedule your video/audio consult.
  • No hidden costs, just pay your doctor's fee online.
  • HIPAA secure and for unlimited call minutes.


Monthly subscription for individual providers

$30 /per month

Affordable Telemedicine Solution

  • i- medicus is designed to enable physicians to consult their patients remotely in a timely manner.
  • Increase their patient base.
  • Reduce administrative costs.
  • High definition secure video.
  • Refer to a specialist and share patient
  • Direct call feature for emergency consultations.


For 2-30 Providers

Monthly subscription for each provider in the clinic

$50 /per provider per month

Affordable Telemedicine Solution

  • In addition to the advantages for providers i-medicus will expedite intercollegial cooperation within the practice.
  • Consult jointly on methodologies to ensure the best possible outcomes.
  • Greater awareness of the practice as a functioning entity.
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Larger Organizations / Enterprise

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Customized for you

Affordable Telemedicine Solution

  • Platform will be curated for the enterprise with advanced features.
  • We can also offer a seamless integrable White -Label patient portal to your clinical network of providers to serve your patients.
  • In addition to the advantages set out under Clinics an Enterprise will establish its identity by inter communication at several levels including interpersonal, interdepartmental and interfaculty communication.
  • Use the platform as a teaching resource.
  • Create a global presence for medical tourism / referrals.
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