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Top 10 Healthcare Startups Transforming Remote Healthcare in UAE

Travel back in time—but not too far. Let’s go four decades back- to 1984. What options did people have for remote healthcare? Maybe a landline phone to call the doctor during an emergency. But was there a guarantee that it would be answered? 

Well, maybe sometimes, but only if the patient was important—say a politician, a business leader, or a movie star. Thankfully with the internet and smartphones, emergency or timely remote health care is turning into a reality. But there is still a lot of work to be done in this area. 

According to Studies, 1.9 million preventable deaths occur every year. A huge number is still unreported in low and middle-income countries. “

i-medicus Telehealth services are just a small step towards that big goal- “affordable remote health care for all”.  To add some much-needed boost to their mission, the i-medicus team attended the Arab Health Conference 2024. 

While there is a lot to share, we felt perhaps the first thing we should do is give a list of top healthcare startups transforming the UAE’s remote healthcare landscape.

Top 10 Remote Healthcare Startups in UAE

1. Vezeeta: 

Skip the waiting room stress! With Vezeeta, connect with doctors online, book appointments effortlessly, and chat with experts. It’s healthcare made simple! Experience a new level of convenience in remote healthcare. 

2. i-medicus:

i-medicus simplifies remote healthcare with easy virtual consultations, user-friendly scheduling, direct connections to healthcare providers, and effective clinic management.

Ensuring secure patient data storage and providing a range of virtual tools for personalized care, i-medicus stands out. Opt for i-medicus to enjoy a smooth and secure remote healthcare journey.

3. Altibbi: 

Your health genie in a bottle! Altibbi has everything from virtual doctor visits to 24/7 telehealth support. Need health info? They’ve got a library. Confused about insurance? Let them sort it!

4. Bayzat: 

Health insurance got you stressed? Bayzat’s your hero! Compare plans, enroll with ease, manage claims like a boss, and even access telemedicine. Healthcare made painless.

5. Sehteq: 

Affordable healthcare, finally! Sehteq offers UAE-specific plans with virtual consultations, mental health support, and more. Taking care of yourself shouldn’t break the bank.

6. Meddy: 

Find your perfect doctor matchmaker! Meddy connects you with top-notch specialists for both in-person and online consultations. Read reviews, book appointments, and get the care you deserve.

7. Nabta Health: 

Empowering women’s health! Nabta Health offers virtual consultations with female doctors, medication delivery, and chronic disease management. Your well-being is their priority.

8. Alma Health Platform: 

Prioritizing your mental well-being! Alma Health connects you with therapists and psychiatrists for online consultations. Medication delivery and helpful resources provide all-around support.

9. Prognica: 

AI is saving lives! Prognica uses cutting-edge tech for early cancer detection. Remote screening and monitoring could identify risks and lead to timely intervention. Prognica: where tech meets healthcare heroes.

10. TachyHealth: 

Making healthcare payments smooth sailing! TachyHealth streamlines the flow between payers and providers. Automated claims, data exchange, and improved financial solutions pave the way for a more efficient future of healthcare finance.

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More on i-medicus!

Celebrating the growth of remote healthcare startups in the UAE, i-medicus is set to join the movement. Soon, i-medicus telehealth services will be introduced in the UAE, a big step towards our vision of affordable and accessible remote healthcare for all.

Partnerships for Progress

  • Actively forming partnerships with top healthcare providers, hospitals, labs, and centers in the UAE.
  • Aiming for a robust network to ensure efficient, accessible, and affordable remote healthcare.

Care-Centric Features

  • Our HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform focuses on both patients and healthcare providers.
  • Patient-centric features prioritize user-friendly interfaces, virtual consultations, and timely access to medical info.
  • We place a strong emphasis on supporting healthcare providers with streamlined communication and efficient data exchange.

Platform Usability

  • i-medicus ensures a user-friendly HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform for patients and healthcare professionals.
  • It is designed to provide smooth and efficient experiences in remote consultations and practice management.

Potential for Growth

  • Commitment to sustainable growth for partners through the telehealth platform.Enables healthcare providers to expand services, reach more patients, and advance remote healthcare in the UAE.

In conclusion, i-medicus aims to be a vital part of the evolving healthcare landscape and the future of telehealth in the UAE. We are focusing on creating an ecosystem where efficiency, accessibility, and affordability benefit everyone. Keep following us as we bring quality remote healthcare closer to everyone in the UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – UAE Healthcare Startup Landscape

1. Why is the UAE considered the next big healthcare startup destination?

  • In the UAE, healthcare is booming, expected to hit 6.98% of GDP spending by 2024.
  • People here are tech-savvy, with 90% using the internet, making telehealth a perfect option.
  • The government is backing it up, making remote healthcare mandatory by 2024, and pushing for innovation.
  • Setting up a healthcare business is easy here, thanks to a friendly and supportive environment with simple regulations.

2. How is the UAE supporting the growth of healthcare startups?

  • The government’s commitment to mandatory remote healthcare services by 2024 stimulates innovation in the sector.
  • The business-friendly environment, characterized by easy company setup and relaxed regulations, encourages the establishment of healthcare startups.

3. What challenges does the UAE healthcare sector face?

  • Accessibility is a key challenge, with the need to ensure equitable access to high-quality healthcare for both residents and the annual influx of over 16 million visitors.
  • Cost considerations pose complexities in balancing affordability for residents while generating revenue from medical tourism.
  • Attracting and retaining diverse medical specialists to cater to the needs of both residents and visitors is a crucial challenge.

4. How does the influx of visitors impact healthcare demands in the UAE?

The annual influx of over 16 million visitors in a city like Dubai creates dynamic healthcare demands, necessitating adaptability and flexibility in service provision.

 5. What role does technology play in the UAE healthcare startup scene?

The tech-savvy population, with 90% internet penetration, drives the adoption of telehealth in the UAE healthcare startup landscape.

 6. What are the barriers for non-citizens in accessing healthcare in the UAE?

High costs remain a significant barrier for some non-citizens seeking healthcare services in the UAE. Strategic planning is necessary to address this challenge.

7.  Does the i-medicus app offer EMR features?

Yes, the i-medicus app offers extensive features for patient record collection, storage, and sharing. If you already are using a standard EMR system, the i-medicus app integrates with that as well.

8.  Is i-medicus HIPAA compliant?

Yes, the i-medicus app is fully HIPAA compliant. Our app follows best HIPAA practices to ensure the safety and confidentiality of e-PHI.

9.  Can I get a demo and see i-medicus in action?

Yes, you can! Simply fill this form and our team will get back to you. 

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